Welcome to InterQuest

For 30 years, InterQuest has been dedicated to protecting companies and their employees through comprehensive background screening services.  Our services will help you improve the quality of personnel, reduce risk while saving valuable time, money, and resources.

Based in Durango, Colorado, with a global network of researchers, InterQuest serves a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies around the globe.  At InterQuest, we believe customer service and communication are key to a successful relationship with our clients.  We take pride ourselves in serving our clients with accurate, reliable employee background screening so confident decisions can be made.

When you choose to work with InterQuest Information Services for your employee screening needs, you will receive personalized service and a prompt responses to your requests. You can be assured that all of the information provided to you will be accurate, timely and complete. You will never be surprised by a new hire’s past again when we use our proven and reliable screening methods.

For more information, CONTACT an InterQuest representative today to discuss your needs or inquire about the many background screening services we offer.  1-800-455-1655