Companies make important decisions daily. Choosing personnel or finding the right tenants is easier when you have the most informed sources available to help. InterQuest has these solutions. Among our available reports are background checks and employment screenings. Whether your company is small or large, our services can be customized to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, the truth is not always told when filling out a job application. This is why employment screenings are necessary. Verification of education as well as previous employment is necessary to find the best employees for a position.

Report on Red Keyboard Button.These checks may be necessary for a number of reasons. A worker’s compensation background report is one that can save your company time and money. Determining if a potential employee is physically able to perform a particular job or checking for injury claims they have filed in the past are two of the ways this report will help.

County, state, and federal criminal checks are another report available to InterQuest’s clients. These reports show arrests including misdemeanors and felonies. When hiring an applicant, your company needs to know if they are trustworthy. Robbery, drug and weapons charges, embezzlement, and other serious offenses are vital to protect yourself, your company, and your employees.

A background check can include sex offender registry searches. If an employee will be around children, this type of information is crucial to ensure safety. This check provides information from all fifty states, not just the area where your business is located.

Credit history checks are beneficial when looking at prospective applicants for a position that includes financial responsibilities. Social security number traces will allow your company to verify information received from applicants. The traces provide other advantages such as making sure work history and address information provided by the applicant is correct.

Motor vehicle reports are important if an applicant will be operating a company vehicle. You need to know if their driving record is clean or includes several infractions. This is another way of saving your company money.

These are just a few of the services that InterQuest has been providing companies for 25 years. From tenant screenings to making certain your business hires the best personnel, we offer the quickest and most affordable solutions. Call us today for more information on available reports that can save you time and money.

InterQuest Reports

Social Security Number Trace

Social Security Number trace is the first step in verifying if an applicant is providing accurate information. From time to time applicants will conceal their previous address in an attempt to hide prior criminal convictions. The Social Security Trace will provide you with a list of current and previous addresses, employers and other names used by the applicant. Additionally, it will validate the social security number by providing the state and date range of issuance. It is the first step in profiling a person.

Social Security Number Verification

Verification of the Social Security number provided by the applicant matches the applicant’s name, date of birth and gender. Should be completed after offer is made.

Credit Report History

This report determines an applicant’s responsibility level. It can also alert you to financial situations that may have an impact on the applicant’s ethics. Credit history is an important indicator for employees with fiduciary or cash handling responsibilities. Report includes current and previous debts, payment history, bankruptcy records, previous residential history and current financial status.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Essential information on employees who drive a company vehicle or drive their own vehicle for company use. MVR shows driving records, including commercial driving license status (CDL), for at least three years and up to seven years. Captures all infractions including DUI’s. Turn around time for this information is instant.

County Level Criminal Search

County Criminal Record Search is an effective method to determine if an applicant has a criminal record. Law enforcement officials report charges resulting from arrests on felony, misdemeanor and other offenses at the county court level. The County Criminal Record Search is conducted in counties where the Applicant is most likely to have any information filed, such as current and former counties of residency. InterQuest utilizes researchers for this criminal background check that physically visit the courthouse and check for records dating back seven years. Court fees may apply and vary by location. Turn around time for this information is 24 hours.

State Wide Criminal Search

This check is used for obtaining information from those states that do not offer Instant Criminal Record Searches. Statewide criminal background checks are a valuable tool to supplement any County Criminal Record Search.

Federal Criminal Check

Violations of Federal law are recorded in US Federal District Courts. The number of districts in each state varies, but each state has at least one. Federal Statutes involve serious offenses such as: embezzlement, weapons charges, immigration violation, robbery, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Sex Offender Registry Search provides records from all 50 states(38 states include photographs). Individual or a comprehensive search of all states is available by InterQuest. This search produces instant results and can be a critical component in pre-employment screening or ongoing background check programs for people who have contact with children.

Canada Criminal Check

Criminal violations in: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

International Verification and Background Checks

InterQuest has associates in other countries and offers a variety of international services. Criminal background investigations, education verification, and employment verification.

Global Terrorist Search

The Global Report Patriot Act Name Search includes U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists, including: OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) & Blocked Persons, Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, INTERPOL Most Wanted List, Bank of England Sanctions List, OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List, United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, and the European Union Terrorism List.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search

This is a product to compliment the county-level searches and broadens the scope of your criminal background investigation. This is the largest criminal database available with over 126 million offense records covering 38 states. This is used in conjunction with County Criminal Searches or for candidates that have recently moved.

Healthcare Sanctions (FACIS)

This is the most robust search option, allowing you to conduct a search of disciplinary actions taken by federal agencies as well as those taken by licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states. This is the most comprehensive search method available.

Present Employment Verification

Will verify present employment, start date and current position. Primarily used for Residential Screening.

Previous Employment Verification

With accurate information about a candidate’s previous jobs, you can hire more qualified applicants. This report includes start and end dates, position, ending salary, reason for leaving as stated by the Human Resource Record and eligibility for rehire.

Workers Compensation Background Report

After a conditional job offer is made, the Worker’s Compensation Background Report can determine if the applicant is physically capable of performing the job. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a Workers Compensation report can be requested once a conditional job offer to the applicant has been made. Running a Workers Compensation Report is important as it helps your company control fraudulent claims and increase employee safety. The report includes name, address, DOB, employer and legal representation. Case information includes case number, location and injury types, dates and current status.

Professional License Verification

This report verifies professional licenses for educators, teachers, nurses, CPAs, lawyers and any other licensed professional. International Verification available for nursing for the UK, Canada and Australia.

Professional References

Use this service to gain insight into the work ethic of an applicant from people who have first-hand knowledge.