securityInterQuest Security Practices:

  • Our systems are located in a Level 5 physical Security and Cyber security Data Center (described below)
  • Our Protect Point Firewall is software and human managed 24/7, is state-of-the-art, redundant and a PCI Compliant Unit to head off cyber threats
  • Our Web Site is secured with a 256 Bit SSL Certificate
  • Our Center is SSAE 16 Certified Type IIĀ  (required for many new bids to include government contracts)
    • Includes SOC 1 and SOC 2 certifications
  • Our servers are equipped with dual quad core processors and shadow arrays with Dell APPASURE employed for Disaster preparedness and recovery.
  • We have the most state-of-the-art EMC SANS system with high and low speed storage for the back-ups 3 times per day.
  • Our main IP addresses are all protected by risk mitigation services to prevent denial of service attacks.

Other Data Center Security Considerations:

Redundant ISPsĀ 

Each Peak 10 data center is engineered with three ISPs, each capable of handing the entire Data Center traffic in the event all but one fail. For Charlotte the providers are AT&T, Time Warner and X0 communications.

Each Peak 10 facility is engineered with a minimum of six levels of security Level 0 is the manned guard stations:

  • Level 1: Proximity card access with PIN is required to enter the building. You are not yet in the data center at this level.
  • Level 2: Proximity card access with Biometric (fingerprint) scan is required to enter the data center.
  • Level 3: All hardware is secured in steel mesh cabinets fitted with combination locks.
  • Level 4: Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the facility and monitored by on-site staff 24x7x365.
  • Level 5: Strategically placed vibration detection devices alert Peak 10 personnel of any motion.

Uninterruptible Power
Each Peak 10 data center is engineered with an uninterruptible power system and backup generators to deliver seamless power. In the event of a commercial power failure, our isolated UPS system will provide immediate backup power until our diesel generators take over the load and continue operation of the center.

Redundant HVAC
Peak 10 utilizes best-in-class environmental units to control and monitor the temperature and humidity in each data center facility. Our redundant HVAC systems keep the average temperature in each data center at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure a consistent operating atmosphere for your mission critical technology infrastructure.

Fire Suppression
Peak 10 data centers utilize dry-fire suppression systems that can be deployed manually, or by a sequence of three failures anywhere in a data center zone. Each Peak 10 facility is also fully equipped with smoke and heat detection sensors as well as fire doors and handheld gas-based fire extinguishers.